About Me


Mamahood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing. From all the special moments, family vacays, play dates, sleepless nights, unexpected blowouts, crazy plane flights, doctor visits, cuddles, and so much trial and error in between. Then when you think, “you got this!” another challenge comes around. You are constantly learning and praying but it’s okay cause it’s the best journey EVER and that’s the beauty in all of it!


A new mama that feels the need to help encourage and uplift other mommies out there that share the same path. I truly believe we were all meant to do this together! Here I will share my love for this new exciting journey into motherhood through personal stories, lifestyle, DIY projects, inspiration, health, and fashion. Just moved from LA to Seattle, Washington with my sweet little one year old baby girl, Leila Love, and my incredible musically talented baby’s daddy/husband, Jason Jones. We got married last year and have been on the search for our first home! Building this little family has brought the best times and I am so excited to see what the future holds. Always looking to live a simpler and happy life while expressing myself through creative outlets and taking the time to create balance with yoga/exercise. So excited to inspire and meet other super moms out there along the way! Thank you for following me on this incredible life changing experience!

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