Diary Motherhood

Embracing Pregnancy

Gosh, where to begin! My baby is now 15 months and I still can’t help but look back and miss my belly! You definitely appreciate it more when you are NOT pregnant but just growing and feeling movement of the person you will soon love more than anything is so undeniably magical no matter the weight gain or labor pains. Every part of it is SO worth the happiness it brings!

It Takes a Village


I think it is important that when you are pregnant to stay in tune to the way you are feeling. With every life changing experience brings a rollercoaster of emotions and sometimes it is easy to get lost in all of it. I will say pregnancy brings you SO much closer to your partner. Jason was not only my fiance, but he was going to be my baby’s daddy! That’s kind of a big deal! Lol, we did go through a lot of hard talks but most importantly we worked through everything as a stronger team than we once were before. First and foremost, make sure you create a support group of friends, family, or join a pregnancy group. Take this time to spend lots of time with your friends and loved ones! There is so much truth to, “It takes a village”. As soon as that baby comes you will find it hard to find alone time so take advantage of every moment. Enjoy yourself! Don’t let being pregnant stop you from doing the things you love! Just make the proper adjustments to your daily hobbies and fill it with adventure. I promise it goes by SOOO much faster if you do this. I still took bike rides with friends, hiked, traveled, road tripped, took boat rides, brunched (minus the mimosas), went to games, concerts, weddings, and went to the beach (practically everyday) lol.  If you can, I would suggest taking a trip somewhere to decompress. I was so excited and impatient when I was pregnant…all I wanted was to meet my baby girl! A girl’s trip to Hawaii was just what I needed and when I couldn’t get on a plane, Hubs and I took weekend road trips to Palm Springs. You really learn to be patient and take time to do things that occupy your mind so you don’t go stir crazy thinking of when you will pop.

Also, I think for me as a young woman being pregnant at 25 was kind of weird! Not many women start this journey around that age anymore and so I think it is important to find people you can relate to. I’ve also never really had strong support from my parents (as you know from my first post) so I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t force myself to do this thing alone! I signed up for a local pregnancy group in my area where 15 other women and a midwife met once every month. This helped guide me through this journey and help better understand the changes my body was going through. Words can’t even express how amazing just building that support group really is. You are able to just focus in on your health, your growing baby, and relate to other amazing soon to be mamas.



One of the most helpful things for me to relieve stress during pregnancy was fitness. It is seriously therapy for me, pregnant of not. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body. Not only are you creating a happy pregnancy but you are also preparing your mind/body to endure the pain of labor. No one wants to talk about how painful labor is going to be but it is the truth! Taking the time to devote some time to your body and building the strength to get through labor in the most peaceful way will lead to a beautiful easier birth. Honestly For moms-to-be, barre workouts are kind of where it’s at. They focus on strengthening the core, hips and legs—exactly what you need right now to stay stable and strong, not to mention what you’ll use later on when it’s time to push. I know it is hard to get motivated when you are 30+ pounds heavier but there is so many prenatal yoga classes and also programs online you can follow if you don’t want to leave the house. One of my favorite online programs was:

It’s a beautiful program because it follows you along your journey by giving you different workouts for every trimester you are experiencing.
Anyways, I hope this post helps any of you soon to be mama’s embrace this special time! It goes by so fast so enjoy every moment!

xo Krista



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