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Family Traveling Tips + The Cutest Spring Vacation Style in Matching Polka Dot Dresses For Mommy and Baby

Thoughts on Family Traveling

Hey Mamas! Are you guys craving family adventure now that the sun is coming out of hiding? I know I do! Sometimes it’s easy to talk yourself out of it when realizing how much work it takes to actually get a baby through a plane ride. I know I’ve been there in the beginning stages, and I’m here to share some traveling tips with you that have helped me make the process so much more smoother!

First and foremost, nothing is going to be PERFECT but as moms’ we need to realize this and not get so hard on ourselves for it. We are raising little human beings and that in itself is incredible. So if we forget little things or make mistakes I think we should brush it off with ease and keep on going! Motherhood is a big journey and although books can help, we mainly learn as we go. Just remember no matter what, there is always a solution to a problem and keeping calm is the best way to get there!

So, I think with all that being said, we deserve a little fun! Let’s get out of the house and experience things with our little ones. There is so much to learn and so many firsts to be made. Let’s not be scared of flying and embrace every single day by making lifelong memories with our family! I think more than ever before, I’m realizing how short life is and everyday truly counts. I am so grateful to have found a family of my own that all I want to do is love them hard and travel.


This is soooo important to me! I pack things a week before and set aside so I’m not rushing when the day is here. As a family, it’s so easy to over pack and overthink everything! But when it comes down to it, you don’t need much! Sticking to the basics that work for you as a family are key. We only pack an iPad full of shows and a few books for entertainment. We always make simple toys as we go, plus babies sometimes prefer the simpler things! Give a baby pots and pans in the kitchen and they are happy! You’ll be so busy playing outside that they’ll get all the entertainment they need! To me there is no better playground than being outside exploring new places.

Mommy & Me Vacation Style

Currently obsessing over the color orange and polka dots. Never thought I’d be the kind of girl to rock orange but recently there has been so many muted orange prints that made me finally try it out! Not to mention, it makes a good self tanner POP. Who isn’t ready to add a little color to their lives now that spring is here! We are off on a mini vacation to Vegas. It’s still cold here in Seattle so we take any opportunity to chase the sun!

When packing clothes, I am a total minimalist. One easy trick is to only pack dresses! So I’m sharing with you today our Polka Dot dresses from For Love and Lemons + Lil Lemons. If you are new to my blog then you must know that this is literally my favorite matching mommy and me brand! Mommies, you gotta check them out! They have the cutest sets! I’m the kind of mom that LOVES dresses aka “one and done” because they are so simple! Vacationing is hard with toddlers so making the morning task of dressing kiddos quick makes everything more enjoyable! So here is our look for the jet setting mommy and their little one.





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