How Jason and I Celebrated Our First Wedding Anniversary + New Traditions

Looking Back

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Can’t believe it went by so fast! It has been the best year of my life and I feel so incredibly grateful to have found my person. It has only been one year and we have had our ups and downs but I think every marriage does! With our first baby and a move to a different state, we have definitely had some adjusting to do. It can be a little difficult to get our alone time in but we’ve really learned to make the best of every opportunity and even enjoy our love life while raising our baby. Whether that means just taking her along with to dinner or vacations. No matter what, we don’t let it hinder us from doing the things we love. After all, she is the creation of our love and it makes it that much more special to have her be apart of it all. I think it is so crucial to embrace the whole rollercoaster ride as a part of your journey so that you can grow and better support each other in the future. There are always going to be crossroads, it’s life, but the way you come out of it, is what matters most. We are constantly growing to become the best versions of ourselves and the right person will always love you and support you through those times of growth. So here is a cheers to all the strong couples that aren’t perfect but the beauty lies within the imperfections and selfless love we so undeniably can’t help but give to our person through it all!

Lifelong Adventures

Don’t let anyone convince you that marriage is boring! With the right person, marriage should feel like a never ending sleepover with your favorite weirdo. You get to be the raw vulnerable YOU, and no matter how dorky or clumsy you can be, there is someone to laugh with you, cry with you, and love you. AND you know all those cool places you’ve always wanted to go to or bucketlist goals you’ve always wanted to check?! Now you have someone that would be happy to do it all with you. That bond is irreplaceable, guys. Jason and I are best friends, we do everything together and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We always have fun netflix nights in bed, fun trips planned, and even the littlest things fill ours hearts with joy like: going to the gym together, grocery shopping, late night taco runs, and car rides with good music blasting. Whatever the day may be, we always take it on light heartedly and still act like little kids in love.


First Anniversary Tradition

This year, we decided to spend our anniversary back in California. We stayed at a place called, Le Petit Ermitage. Such a sweet boutique hotel with a European romantic vibe. It had a rooftop pool overlooking West Hollywood (just gorgeous at night). One of the lounge rooms was filled with art, a fireplace, a piano hand painted in a unique design, and windows of the twinkling city in the background. If you don’t already know, Jason is really amazing at the piano so I could just watch him in this gorgeous setting for hours. Anyways, they just so happened to be throwing a movie night under the stars on their rooftop with day beds and blankets. So without hesitation we canceled our dinner plans. It was the most amazing incredible night. We spent it all cozied up in fur blankets, reminiscing, and reciting back our vows under the twinkling lights. I think this one will be a tradition for us forever. Do any of you guys have interesting anniversary traditions? If so, what are they and how did they come about?! Would love to hear other couple’s traditions or advice on lifelong marriage!


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