Our Mother’s Day Picnic Celebration & Mommy + Me Look

Hi Loves!

Hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day! It was a hard one for me as my mother has been in the hospital. I keep praying she’ll get better and that this too will pass. It’s hard to open up about mental illness because it’s not something people freely talk about nowadays. I definitely think as a new generation of raising children, this is something we should talk about with our children. I think it happens a lot more often then we think, and if we become more aware of it, then people don’t have to be ashamed of it so that they can find the support they need! Anyways, this is nothing new for me. My mother has always struggled with a chemical imbalance in her brain. So sometimes I will get my 100% cheerful loving mother and other times, I have no idea what she’s talking about. It’s hard because I’ve always had to be there for my mother than the other way around, but all I can do is stay positive and hope that with this new care and medication, she will soon get better. It was so nice to talk to her and I love her so much and sometimes I can’t help but cry knowing that sometimes all you can do to help is talk to them and let them know how much you care. I’m just beyond grateful to have a husband that truly supports and cares about me. He’s so supportive and non judgmental about the whole thing, and I could not ask for a better teammate to take life on with. He’s my best friend and just the best hubby and baby daddy ever.

So, with everything going on.. all I wanted was to clear my head and be around nature with my family. We packed our bags and headed for the beach. The beach in Washington that is 🙂 It’s finally gorgeous and sunny over here so what better day to have a picnic! There’s something so calming and healing about being close to the water. It was the perfect day and I could really reflect on life and how much I cherish being a mother. It’s like after everything in my life, all the puzzle pieces aligned in the perfect way showing me that this was my purpose. Everyday I wake up feeling blessed to take on this journey. Leila has brought me more love and joy to jason and I’s lives that is just completely unexplainable. It’s the closest thing to magic and I will forever cherish that bond. After all, family is life’s greatest treasures. Thank you guys for all the love & support through this whole journey! You have no idea how much it means to me to have so much love and support from friends and mothers. I think that’s one of my favorite things about being a mother. No matter what past experiences you’ve had, we all can relate on this journey and it brings such a community of love and support that I’m so happy to be a part of! We are so in this together and I am so grateful Leila chose me to be her mama!

Here are a few photos of our lovely day!




I linked our outfits and picnic basket for those of you who asked! 🙂

Picnic Basket 

Cherry Dress 

Leila’s Cherry Dress 


My mother on our wedding day <3 Please pray for her!



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