Trying $12 DIY Box Hair Dye Balayage At Home For The Busy Stay At Home Mama

I’ve been dying to get my hair done for quite some time but being a stay at home mama sometimes you just don’t get around to it!! I also haven’t found the best hair colorists here in Seattle since I’ve moved, so I figured maybe I would give it a try myself. It’s not something you can pay $300 for and not be happy about right?! So i figured I would just wait til I’m back in LA to splurge… In the meantime I’ve been watching youtube videos on how to do it myself! They make it look so easy! So I wanted to try it and see for myself… please let me know what you guys think! Or any helpful tips! By no means am I certified to be recommending this to anyone else, just simply sharing my personal experience!

I purchased Clairol nice and easy frost and tip dye box. It’s super light and meant for blondes or light brunettes but my hair has trouble lifting and this got such good reviews so i figured this would be a perfect fit! I picked it up at a nearby QFC. I’m pretty sure it is a popular brand so you can probably find it at a local drugstore or grocery store.


Then I just waited for babes to take her afternoon nap and went to mixing!!!


Make sure you throw on an old tee, and have a towel ready for any clean ups! If you can’t see or your new to my blog, my hair is medium brown and below is a recent picture of it!


This is my very first time trying but I chose not to use the mixing spatula to apply directly to my hair. I simply grabbed tiny strands with my fingers (gloves on) all around my head starting at the bottom and clamping my fingers tighter together as I went up the shaft of the hair. This was to create the faded ombre look. I think sticking to tinier strands really makes it look more natural. The best thing about this technique is that it gives you the control of highlight placement. I love when pieces frame your face, so I made sure to get framing pieces. Then when all was set, about 18 strands (I didn’t go too crazy) I waited til it lifted to a color I liked. Which actually took an hour.. Then I rinsed with shampoo, applied purple shampoo for 2 mins to tone, and then deep conditioned with the provided deep conditioner. Then VWA-LAAA! Balayage at home within a few hours during a nap! <3 IMG_7652-2


XO Krista


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